About us

We are a small team working on various tools, libraries and application for storage configuration. We provide both low-level C libraries, higher level Python modules and end-user applications for easy storage management for GNU/Linux. Our projects are available under GNU GPL licence and you can find the sources on GitHub.

Main purpose of this site is to provide place to promote our projects, provide information and documentation for its (potential) users and to inform about new stuff using our blog.

Our projects

A python module for configuration of block devices.
GUI tool for storage configuration using blivet library
A library for manipulating block devices.
A tiny library providing a C "class" for working with arbitrary big sizes in bytes.

Our blog

Author: vpodzime
Author: vpodzime
Today a new major version of the libblockdev library was released - libblockdev 2.0.
Author: vpodzime
In this blog post I would like to present you the storaged project you may have already heard of.
Author: vtrefny
Blivet-gui has reached another milestone few days ago -- I've released version 2.0. This happened mostly because of the new Blivet 2.0 and its new API, but there are some new features in blivet-gui as well.