UDisks to build on libblockdev!?

As a recent blog post mentioned, there is a pull request for UDisks proposing the master-libblockdev branch to be merged into master. What would that mean? master-libblockdev is a parallel branch we have been working on in the last few months which has custom code in UDisks replaced by calls of the libblockdev library where possible. So for things like creating partitions, setting up MD RAID, LVM, etc. it's not using the CLI tools, but instead calls libblockdev functions.

World is not a perfect place so libblockdev in some cases has no other option than using the CLI tools anyway, but that's changing as development advances. By using libblockdev, UDisks would benefit from all this development, bug fixes, speed ups, etc. And it would share the "backend" with other projects (like e.g. Blivet). A backed which is very well-tested and isolated to stay simple and straightforward.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, there is a price for all those benefits -- the fact that UDisks would actually hard-require libblockdev to build and run. Thus all distributions that would like to use the new and shiny UDisks would need to package libblockdev (and also a tiny library called libbytesize) first. We see this as a reasonable price for having the latest and greates, but, as always, you milleage may vary.

Please let us know either in the comments below or in the pull request what your opinion is! Every input is valuable for us, no matter if it's possitive or negative. Please don't hesitate to demonstrate the power of collaboration and sharing!

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